A Purse-Friendly Father’s Day Gift Guide | 2018


*This post contains PR samples (L’Occitane gift set & Chrome Azzaro fragrance)

Universally, Dads are notoriously difficult to buy for; more often than not, they’re enthusiastic over material things, and they tend to be low maintenance. Luckily, I have a few ideas up my sleeve that I think *most* (I’m aware I’m heavily generalising with this post) middle aged men would like and appreciate. Nearly everything featured comes in at under £30 (aside from the Sauvage fragrance), which I think is quite affordable, and, even better: there’s not a pair of socks in sight. Continue reading “A Purse-Friendly Father’s Day Gift Guide | 2018”

4 Ways All Beauty Lovers Can Use Less Plastic & Help The Planet


Plastic is a mammoth-sized problem; we all know that. Recently though, and probably massively instilled by David Attenborough’s dulcet tones in Blue Planet about plastic in the oceans, we seem to have become increasingly aware of the enormity of the situation, and instead of feeling hopeless about it or even sweeping it under the rug in ignorant bliss, we’re proactively working to help turn things around. Over the years, I’ve felt conflicted with my consumption of beauty products, so I have implemented changes to try and better myself. For example, I no longer feature haul posts that promote excessive (and unnecessary) consumption of product and packaging, and I am much more mindful about the beauty brands that I buy from, and only buy from when I actually need something. In celebration of World Oceans Day today though, I wanted to write this post to again try and do ‘my bit’ by spreading awareness and promoting mindfulness on the topic of beauty.

And because it seems to be the norm that these sorts of articles begin with some scary, saddening facts, here’s a couple for you!

The World Economic Forum have said that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Continue reading “4 Ways All Beauty Lovers Can Use Less Plastic & Help The Planet”

A Review of All 6 of Peter Thomas Roth’s Face Masks


I was very kindly gifted this marvellous PTR mask gift set for my birthday recently, and been left seriously impressed with most of them; as such, I’m writing this mini round-up of all six of them, and summarising what they’re good for and my experiences with them. Peter Thomas Roth is a brand that requires you to tug on your purse strings a little harder, and so this set is a fantastic way to ‘try before you buy’ as it were, and bypassing the mental anguish that results from spending £50 on a mask, only to find that it doesn’t agree with your skin. In terms of value for money, this set is really quite good. Each tube houses 14ml of product and retails for £20.50 on Beauty Bay. If you were to buy the full sized 24k gold mask, it would set you back a whopping £73 for 150ml, so you are saving a few  (a lot of) pounds by opting for this set. Great – on with the reviews!

I’ll keep them as short and sweet as possible, and will review them from left to right as they appear in the second photo above. Continue reading “A Review of All 6 of Peter Thomas Roth’s Face Masks”

Two New Releases, Perfect for Dehydrated Skin | L’Occitane’s Aqua Réotier Range


The West has always been known for its rich creams and lotions, so I’m really loving the Asian-ification of the skincare market here in the UK, and how well-established brands such as L’Occitane have adopted their methods and drawn inspiration from the Asian skincare industry.

And although there are nods to Asian skincare such as lightweight formulas and an essence within this collection, L’Occitane have kept to their roots as the line celebrates and utilises the water of the réotier spring in Provence. Continue reading “Two New Releases, Perfect for Dehydrated Skin | L’Occitane’s Aqua Réotier Range”

What’s In My (Very Minimal) Beauty Bag For Florida


Contrary to the belief that females lug around a 30-tonne suitcase full of beauty products, toiletries and clothes for a short break away, I’m actually an extremely light traveller. I’m flying to Florida in a few days time and am restricting myself to hand luggage only; mainly because I hate waiting for baggage and have a fear of it being lost, but also because I’m ridiculously low maintenance. Continue reading “What’s In My (Very Minimal) Beauty Bag For Florida”

A Morning Skincare Routine For £20


So often, we’re so bombarded with the latest developments, scientific research and discoveries and skincare releases that it can all feel overwhelming. With so many influxes, things can get pretty expensive, and so I’ve put together my three favourite products for an AM routine that come in at around £20 if you adopt a savvy shopper mentality. For example, there are an abundance of 20% off Glossier codes, so the Milky Jelly Cleanser becomes £12 instead of £15, and the Garnier Rose Water Day Cream is regularly on offer for around £3 instead of its usual £6 price tag. Continue reading “A Morning Skincare Routine For £20”

If You Have Dry Skin, You Absolutely Need This Affordable Gem


I never implicitly trust site reviews or reviews given by any Tom dick or Harry really, but the online reviews of this product are eye-wateringly good and I’m sure a dream for any brand. I’ll be honest – this was sent to me by Weleda as a PR sample a long time ago, and it sat in my ‘to-be-used/reviewed’ drawer for a long time; the reason being that I just wasn’t really sure of its purpose. I was familiar with similar balmy type products that are said to be great for eczema, sun burns, heat-induced burns, cuticles and dry elbows (the list goes on), so I just presumed I would never make use of it because they’re not really issues that are ever applicable to me and my skin.

Continue reading “If You Have Dry Skin, You Absolutely Need This Affordable Gem”

How I Lost One And A Half Stone Without Dieting & Why I Don’t Believe In Diets

I’ll preface this post by saying that, as you can probably deduce from the title, I don’t believe in dieting. I’m aware that for some, it works, but for me, it would only work at making me miserable. I’m a big believer in that restriction and deprivation (which often feature heavily in fad dieting schemes) are just no good; most of us will ultimately cave and fail, and we’ll be back to square one and the the numbers we see on the scales will start to creep up again. So, if you don’t want to deprive yourself of the things you love (lurpak, bread, pasta, sweets and cheese for me), but want to shed a few pounds and perhaps feel a little better in yourself, this post may be just the ticket! For reference, I’ve I’m 5″6 and I’ve never actually been really overweight, but I needed to shed a few pounds and excess body fat and tone up in general. I’m now 9st2/128 pounds, and am a size 8 (10 sometimes) and am happy with my weight. Also, a small disclaimer: I do work in the healthcare field so I’m well aware that for those who are morbidly obese or severely overweight, restrictive diets are important and effective. This post is more applicable for people who aren’t necessarily really overweight, but are wanting to shed a good amount of pounds and/or excess body fat, or are heavier than their ideal. Continue reading “How I Lost One And A Half Stone Without Dieting & Why I Don’t Believe In Diets”

A Few Beauty Products I’ve Been Loving Over The Past Few Months


I didn’t really feel as though I could call this a ‘favourites’ post because I think there’s a general consensus that favourites posts are reserved for products and things you’ve used and loved within the specific time frame of a particular month. Essentially though, this is a favourites post, but I’m featuring products that I’ve had both short and long love affairs with. Continue reading “A Few Beauty Products I’ve Been Loving Over The Past Few Months”

The Difference Between Dry & Dehydrated Skin & How To Treat Yours


I’ve had a few questions of late on this topic, and after having seen a lot of misinformation and confusion surrounding what comprises dry and dehydrated skin, I thought this post would be helpful. The two are very different in their nature and the treatment required, so I thought I’d write this post in the hopes that for those of you who are still bamboozled and aren’t sure of your skin’s needs, this will help you to help your skin.

Although they sound similar and can definitely occur in conjunction with one another, dryness and dehydration are really quite polar in terms of their causes and their needs. Dry skin is more of a skin type, whereas dehydration is usually a temporary condition that is easily fixable but just as easily induced. Derms and skincare specialists concur that the majority of the population’s skins are dehydrated; luckily, it’s very easily treated and manageable. Dry skin is more of a…pain in the rear, shall we say, because it’s more of an ongoing skin-related management process.

Continue reading “The Difference Between Dry & Dehydrated Skin & How To Treat Yours”