A Stila Liquid Lipstick Giveaway!

As a small thank you for all of the love and support on my new YouTube channel, I wanted to give one of you the Stila liquid lipstick in patina and the lip glaze trio! If you’d like to win these goodies, just head over to my Instagram (link is in sidebar of my blog) and follow me on there and mention/tag two people in the comments of the giveaway photo on my Instagram who you think would also like to win them! Thanks again for your support and good luck! Jess x 

A Little Catch-Up & Update


Once again, apologies for my falling short of my usual blog posting schedule; my life has been particularly…lively shall we say, as of late! Once upon some three or four months ago, I was a final year University student and now things are very different. For those of you who maybe don’t know or don’t follow me on my various social media channels (and when I say various, I mean Instagram and Snapchat!), I now work as a mental health support worker and, as you can probably imagine, the role is incredibly demanding and as I usually work night shifts, I, unfortunately, have to prioritise sleeping over blogging. Although I’m working around 30 hours a week, I’m still classing myself as part-time as the shifts are typically 12 hours and so I work around three nights a week. Alongside this, I’m also still freelancing as a writer and social media & PR assistant, which although I love dearly, I really must invest in some kind of day-to-day planner Continue reading

A Casual & Everyday Get Ready With Me

jess final thumnail grwm lip (2)

This is a sort of impromptu GRWM style video as I just decided to switch my camera on whilst doing my makeup for a running errands kinda day. Nothing fancy here; just a natural base, smoky-ish liner and a glossy lip. Hope you enjoy all the same! If you’d like to watch the video, just click on the above picture! Jess x

A ‘Blogger Mail & New-In Beauty’ Video!



I thought it’d be nice for my first ever video (eeek!) to be a kind of chatty, talking-you-through/show and tell video featuring some ‘blogger mail’ I’ve kindly been sent within the past month or so! How did I do? I’m a lil rusty but I hope to get better at this whole filming and editing malarky eventually haha! If you’d like to watch the video, just click on the link/thumbnail above! Jess x

I’m Going On An L.A. Vacay! Suggestions, please!


You heard right, folks; this lil countryside hermit is becoming a short-term jetΒ setter and travelling to L.A. in just a couple of weeks. I’m verging on becoming a little too OTT excited about the whole thing but the sole intention of this post is to get a bit of a conversation going with you! I’d love to know what kind of blog posts/videos you’d like to see related to this trip and/or if you’ve been to L.A. before and have any recommendations. I was thinking of attempting a fancy bit of videography and creating a really beautiful montage of my trip in a kind of vlog-ish style. Do you like ‘what I’m packing for…’ or ‘what’s in my suitcase and travel beauty bag’ style blog posts? Please do let me know! Jess x


An Ode to Natural Skincare Brands


*All products featured are PR samples (aside from Liz Earle cleanser).

While I am a beauty blogger, I’m under no illusions that the skincare industry is plagued with false pretences and corruption; and although many brands market themselves as the messiahs of ethically driven skincare, they are, essentially, businesses motivated by profit. As a case in point, brands that are not strictly natural or organic in their entirety often purchase advertising on Google linked to searched keywords such as ‘organic skincare brands’. Naughty. In saying that, I truly believe the brands featured in this post to be fantastic, their formulas to be effective and their behind the scenes environmental work to be admirable. So, in celebration of skincare brands that offer great products and make a conscious effort to better the environment, below is a round-up of four of my favourites! Continue reading

My Pursuit for the Perfect Red Lipstick…



My pursuit for the perfect red lippy for those blissfully warm summer days has come to end, guys and gals. The lipstick in question? MAC’s ‘All Fired Up’, of course…

The classic Hollywood red shade never did bode well for my complexion and so my quest for the quintessentially summery red lipstick began. I perused the aisles of countless beauty halls and tried a plethora of lippies, ranging from Rimmel to NARS, but my efforts went amiss. That was, however, until I swatched MAC’s ‘all fired up’ and headed to the till like a bull in a China shop.Β  Continue reading