The New Clarins Skin Illusion Blush Review & Swatches


*These were kindly gifted to me as PR samples by Clarins

If I were to narrow my overflowing makeup collection in to just three categories, said categories would be brows, tinted moisturiser and blush. I just find it to lift, liven and brighten the complexion like no other makeup product can do and so, as you can imagine, I was very excited when the postman delivered these goodies to my front door. Upon first impression, I loved the Korean-esque cutesy packaging adorned with love hearts, and, much like the packaging, the product itself is reminiscent of the Korean cheek stamp style blush pots and cushion blushers. Also worthy of note here, is that the packaging is eco-developed and is sourced from sustainable forests, which is great.


Shades from left to right with my attempt at a description of the colours(!): Golden Havana (rosewood type shade with flecks of shimmer running throughout), Luminous Coral  (warm peachy coral) and Luminous Pink (cool-toned petal pink).

When I first swatched these, I was shocked at the formula because I was expecting a cream blush formulation, but they are actually powder blushers. They are incredibly smooth and silky, and I think that the swatches above show just how smooth they are. For the most part, the blogger reviews of these that I’ve read have been positive, but a few have been critical of the strength of the pigment. They are quite sheer, but I actually really like that; particularly in a powder blush formulation.I find a slightly sheerer formula to be easier to work with, more flattering and less intimidating so, if you prefer a subtle flush of colour on your cheeks like me, I think you’d really enjoy the pigmentation.  Continue reading

Three Foundations For If You Don’t Like The Feel Of Foundation


I’m an unabashed foundation fanatic, and my overflowing collection means that I like to think of myself as knowledgeable when it comes to the foundation department! As much as I love foundations, however, I don’t want to be able to feel it on my skin for the most part. If, like me, you don’t really like the feel of foundation on your skin, and are looking for a perfectly breathable, lightweight formula that still offers a medium coverage, the following foundations are perfect! Continue reading

Why Borough Market Is My Favourite Place In London


If I were to write up a list of my favourite London hangouts and attractions, I think Borough Market would sit at the very top. I often refer to it as a foodie’s sanctuary, not least because the very mention of a food market is enough to make any foodie’s heart flutter, but also because it is renowned for being the finest food market in Britain, and in the world by many. Sat within the borough of Southwark, this market dates back to the 11th century and so aside from the appeal of its astounding heritage, it’s so well-loved because of the exceptional produce on offer.

It can, however, be both a blessing and a curse perusing the stalls within Borough Market on an empty stomach; you’ll have a seriously hard time deciding on just one stall! I love that this market offers the best of traditional British produce alongside delicacies and regional dishes from around the world; you can go from eating Ethiopian street food and  British goat’s milk ice cream, to Artisan baked goods and pastries and cheese from specialist French cheesemongers!


And as no food market is complete without a fishmongers, the Furness Fish & Game stall is an absolute must for seafood lovers. Their produce is locally sourced from Morcambe Bay, arrives fresh at Borough every morning, and is slow food approved; which is a worldwide movement that supports a low impact approach to food production, with an emphasis on localised traditions and customs.


If you’re looking for an easy to eat, on the go snack, you have to try the olive and cheese bread sticks from the Bread Ahead Bakery! Continue reading

My Valentine’s Day Makeup Menu


With Valentine’s Day well and truly upon us, I thought I’d share my makeup menu with you; which, of course, leans more towards the natural side of things with rosy hues and glossy skin.

I think it’s fair to say that restaurant outings will be heightened this evening, and so I think it’s nice to use products that improve upon your natural features and become one with the skin, rather than unflattering noticeable products that are likely to exacerbate any textural issues. NARS’ tinted moisturiser is perfect for this, because although it offers a coverage that is beyond a traditional tinted moisturiser, it’s yellow base evens any redness perfectly and the hydrating formula makes it fairly undetectable on the skin. Continue reading