The Bobbi Brown makeup manual


I’m a little late with this one but after hearing so many good things about it, I just had to get the Bobbi Brown make up manual. All of Bobbi’s knowledge distilled in to one book? YES. If you think you’ve learnt everything from beauty ‘gurus’ on YouTube then this book might make you think again as Bobbi goes in to the science of things and her step-by-step application guides are so in-depth. I think this book explains why Bobbi has been so successful and why she is at the top of her game and the make up industry because she has managed to make it applicable to both beginners who are just maybe getting in to make up to professionals. I’ve always loved the Bobbi Brown ethos and how it is important for everything to be natural and to still look like yourself, only better. Harry (the white cat) didn’t want to move and I didn’t have the heart to move him so he is going to feature in all of these photos as some sort of model camouflaging in to the white linen…fancy.



As well as going through in great detail about the basics, colour selection, application, tools and skincare, there are also some really interesting bits right at the end of this majestical book all about the make up industry, the history of make up and make up artistry. I suppose this is the part aimed at professionals but I love flicking through and admiring the crazy make up and techniques for make up within the film industry, magazines etc.


I’m so glad I’ve finally got my hands on this little gem and if you have wanted it for a while like I did but hesitated buying it then hesitate no more! This book really is pretty powerful…….pardon the pun.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Jess x



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