Purple eyes, Plum lips, Perfect for Autumn


Now that we’re going in to Autumn time again in England, the darker lipsticks are coming out and the bright lipsticks are slowly making their way back in to the drawers to hibernate until next summer. I don’t really think I suit a dark purple lip so I will stay far away from the MAC pure heroine lipstick and stick to more plum colours with reddy kind of undertones. If I’m going for a darker lip then I will try to keep my base looking quite toned down and light so I went for my trusty Korres foundation which I absolutely love.

I did a post on it a while back and although it’s discontinued now, you can still get it from places like Amazon and I would highly recommend it. I wanted this all to look very polished so if you want to achieve that finish as well, then just make sure you’re working to blend everything out thoroughly by using a brush that can really buff the foundation really well on to the skin or use your hands to give that really natural finish.

I went for soft, matte shades on the eye and took time to blend all the shades out really well so I could go a lot heavier on the lips with a lipstick and gloss. This Rimmel apocalips in ‘eclipse’ is a really nice dark berry/plum shade, perfect for the Autumn time and is a similar formula to the Bourjois rouge edition velvet sticks so it is quite matte, without being drying and lasts for a long while. I HATE the smell of this Victoria’s Secret lipgloss but I love the colour and the finish it gives….you can’t have everything I suppose!

Let me know what your favourite berry/plum shades are to wear in the Autumn time in the comments πŸ™‚ Follow me on Instagram by clicking the instagram icon in the sidebar if you want! Jess x


21 thoughts on “Purple eyes, Plum lips, Perfect for Autumn

  1. We don’t have 4 seasons here where I live but some of my favourite berry/plum shades to wear are Mauve Me from Maybelline and Captive from MAC!

      1. I live in Singapore! Yes Captive is a beautiful color! It’s kinda like a mix between a plum and red! I love it! Go try it on! πŸ™‚

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