You Beauty discovery box|August


I’ve never really been big on the whole beauty box trend because I hear a lot of people saying that they don’t receive things they would actually want and get use out of but when this little box came through the post, I was pleasantly surprised. I think these boxes are just under £7 and taking in to consideration that you choose two full sized products from a menu to be included in your box, that is a pretty impressive deal. I’ll do a quick review of each product I received so that you can decide if you think this box is something you would like in the future. Hope this helps!



The Daniel Sandler liner and the cherry lip balm were the two products that I personally chose to be included in my box. The retail price for both of these products comes in at just under £15.

Daniel Sandler’s long lasting waterproof eye liner (aqua) – This liner is everything it promises to be. To give this the true test, I applied some and then had a shower and it was still on when I got out so it definitely delivers on the waterproof side of things. The product itself is really creamy in texture and looks beautiful on the lower lash waterline with a soft, brown smokey eye on the lids.

Rose & Co cherry kiss lip balm – The packaging of this little kitschy, retro style tin is so cute and it’s just a nice little product that moisturises the lips and gives a slight tint of colour. I also think it looks really nice just dabbed on to the cheeks for a soft flush of colour but this balm definitely doesn’t smell like cherries to me, it smells like raspberry bubblegum. I’m not complaining.

Two Jimmy Choo 2ml fragrance testers were in the box and while I knew already that I’m not keen on the scent, my sister loves it so winners all round. One of those handy little 4 sided ‘all in one’ nail buffers and a Face D instant effect cream sample were also included.

I’m impressed with this little box and it was a very pleasant surprise receiving it! For under £7, you can’t really go wrong. Hope you found this interesting/helpful! Jess x




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