The body shop, Bobbi Brown and Birkenstocks

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bobbi brown

The body shop – these shower gels from The Body Shop have been a firm favourite of mine for summer so far. I don’t love really sweet smelling shower gels and shower creams and all the rest of it and found it difficult to find citrus scented shower gels that smell really natural but then I came across the satsuma shower gel and fell in love with it. This stuff is packed full with satsuma essential oils and is really concentrated which is good because it means a little of it goes a long way and the smell stays for quite a long time considering it is just a shower gel. The papaya gel is also really nice but the satsuma scent is definitely my favourite.

Bobbi Brown – at some point, I’m going to have to buy and make my way through the Bobbi Brown makeup manual but for now, I love the face blender brush from her (I did a review of it a few posts back). I’m always endlessly going through youtube to find new make up channels but I rarely find one I like so much that I sit with my eyes glued to my laptop, watching video after video. The Bobbi Brown UK channel is definitely one of those channels. I love her, I love her voice and I love watching how she applies make up so effortlessly.

Birkenstocks –  have extremely wide feet that look abnormal so I can’t just buy shoes from any shop I like because none of them are wide enough. I have now embraced my clown feet and have accepted that I am always going to have to probably spend that extra bit of money getting good quality shoes from a proper shoe shop that fit my feet. These Birkenstocks however, are perfect for my feet as they have one adjustable buckle and fit my fat feet so I’m happy! They’re really comfortable and I think they look pretty cool as well even if some people think they look like ‘old people’ shoes because if ‘old people’ shoes are comfortable for me then that is all that matters.

Hope you liked this post! Jess x


7 thoughts on “The body shop, Bobbi Brown and Birkenstocks

    1. This brush retails for £33 BUT I got mine from an ex makeup artist on Depop for £4 and have proof that it’s genuine. Get yourself on Depop! There’s no need to pay full price all the time 🙂 x

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