The best Autumn foundations


Autumn is probably my favourite season and unlike a lot of you I’m sure, I am waving a happy goodbye to Summer! I’m a natural make up kind of girl so tinted moisturisers, lip balms and liquid highlighters in Summer were right up my street but it’s very rare that you will see me without some kind of soft smokey eye make up going on so I adore the plum, copper, bronze and red shades that look so perfect in Autumn. Foundation or your base products in Autumn can afford to be a bit thicker and give a bit more coverage without making your skin look like you’ve melted butter and then poured it all down your face. So, these are my top 4 base products with two heavier, thicker foundations (Sephora and Laura Mercier) and two lighter options. Even though the NARS product is a tinted moisturiser, I find it to have really good coverage.

Laura Mercier silk creme foundation £34 – This is probably my most favourite foundation in my collection because you seriously need the tiniest amount and it will give you medium to full coverage BUT (this is a big but)…it still manages to make your skin look luminous. I’ve never come across a foundation that gives such amazing coverage but that also looks so natural and bright.

Sephora hydrating foundation £13- This is the closest match to the Laura Mercier foundation I’ve tried. It again gives really good coverage and still, as the name suggests, brightens. I think this was around £13 which I think is amazing for the quality of the product.These foundations are very yellow based and if you like a matte finish then steer clear…you have been warned. I also really like the packaging of this and love what’s inside even more.

Korres ginger & vitamin foundations £19 (£7 on Amazon) – I had never heard of this product before I bought it earlier this year and I have NO idea why! This is my day to day foundation because it is light on my skin, feels nourishing and hydrating and gives me good coverage. Again, if you like a matte finish then this definitely isn’t for you. If I sleep in foundation (naughty) then my skin feels disgusting in the morning but with this, my skin feels and looks fine. I know sleeping in foundation is an almighty sin but the vitamins and skin care properties of this foundation make me feel a little less guilty! Also, this is now discontinued but you can still buy it from loads of places. It used to retail for £19 but is now £7 from Amazon.

NARS tinted moisturiser £29 – I speak about this stuff loads so I won’t go on but this is by far, one of the best tinted moisturisers I’ve tried. The coverage is better than some of my actual foundations and it is creamy, light and moisturising. Winner.

What are your favourite foundations/bases for the colder months? Let me know because as usual, I’m always on the hunt for more to try! 🙂 Jess x


3 thoughts on “The best Autumn foundations

  1. The Laura Mercier sounds incredible and I’m really interested to try it! I’m a big fan of Estee Lauder Double Wear but lately I’ve been trying out cheaper alternatives and have been very impressed with Revlon ColorStay. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

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