Review| Ark Skincare’s regenerating skin defence



Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited to the ARK Skincare and The Elixir Clinic‘s press event at Grace Belgravia in London and this was one of the products we received in our goodie bags. I was really interested to try these products because the brand has a revolutionary (to me!) system where they have three different age groups and different products for each age group to make the whole business of skincare a little easier. Genius!

This is a treatment serum that works to repair and regenerate the skin cells for brighter, younger looking skin.

So, I’ve been using this every day for a week now and ideally with skincare, I like to give it a good 2-3 weeks before reviewing a product but this product has already made a slight difference to the problem areas of my skin so here are my thoughts and what it has achieved for me! My skin feels so much softer and firmer so that when it comes to applying my foundation or tinted moisturiser, it goes on to the skin like a dream. I’m not really in to primers but I found that this skin defence blurs over those pesky little pores that I do have. I get a bit of redness on my cheeks, mainly from broken capillaries in my face….nice. After using this for a week, I’ve noticed that my redness seems to be calming down a bit and I’ve never really found a product that can do that in such a short period of time so I’m pretty happy. The slight iridescent particles within this serum give my skin that dewy glow I’m always after and is perfect on them mornings when I don’t feel too…alive.

If you live in a big city, environmental factors play a big part in the condition of your skin and something like this skin defence is perfect for combating those issues as it defends against environmental stress so in a way, is a kind of detoxing cream for your skin.

The only two negatives about this product are that the packaging may be a little bulky for some people, especially if you travel a lot and the price tag. If you want good skin care, then the price tag is nearly always going to be on the bigger side but good news! There is a special price for this product at the minute and is now £56 down from £70. If you can afford to splash the cash a little and treat your skin with a luxurious, beautifully packaged product then go for this.

Thanks again for the beautiful event and goodies ARK Skincare and The Elixir Clinic! Jess x





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