A Fresh, Flawless Base

So, I was due to attend a beauty event and wanted my makeup to be natural looking (of course) but also wanted my base to look really flawless for the flash photography at the event. The NARS tinted moisturiser (my shade is ‘alaska’) is really good stuff because it has impressive coverage for a tinted moisturiser and is really light and natural looking on the skin. Usually, I would say avoid a base product with SPF in it to avoid flashback issues but I’ve found that the SPF in this moisturiser doesn’t actually affect flash photography, at least in the daytime! The type of brush to go for if you want a really flawless but natural looking base is a fluffy brush or a buffing brush so you can really work the product on to the skin until you have your desired look. Not to draw attention away from the skin, a glossy nude colour is a good choice for your lips so I used my ‘champagne kisses’ gloss from VS.



So, that’s the finished look and I love this kind of natural, dewy make up. Let me know what you think of this look in the comments below! Jess x





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