Royal blue hues

Beauty blogs are obviously primarily going to revolve around make up, skincare and all the rest of it but every once in a while it’s nice to switch things up. I don’t really have one stand out favourite colour but royal blue is probably up there with my faves and is one of the colours I lean towards when clothes shopping (probably because I have blonde hair!) I just don’t understand the whole indigo thing so I’m calling these heels royal blue and the nail polish is actually called black indigo but I would describe it as a dark, glittery royal navy blue. Confusing!?




This is probably my most favourite nail polish I’ve ever worn because apart from the whole make up love, I’m not the girliest of girls so this shade suits me down to the ground. I wore this to the ARK Skincare event I went to and got a few compliments which is always a good thing! I know YSL nail polishes are expensive but I think this colour in particular is so unique and I personally haven’t seen a nail polish like it in Boots or Superdrug.


I got these heels from Dorothy Perkins and in the sale they cost me the grand total of….ยฃ7. Bargain. I looove them and although I couldn’t find them on the sale section of their website, I’ve seen similar heels in other shops and their sales!

What do you think? What are the most flattering colours for you? Jess x


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