Review|Illamasqua under-eye concealer


Illamasqua is one of the few make up stands I can stroll around for absolutely ages, swatching and discovering, instead of looking round thinking ‘same old’ and I think it is a really exciting brand. When I saw they had a sale on, I had a browse and picked up this under-eye concealer. First of all, I LOVE the packaging and how it looks like it’s been pinched. Some people say that jet black packaging is unimaginative and is the obvious choice for make up brands to go for but I personally love black packaging because for the most part, it looks sleek and sophisticated. I got the concealer in UC 200 which is yellow based so is perfect for my skin.


I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews of this concealer and to be honest, a lot of them are pretty negative. It just goes to show that just because one person doesn’t like a certain product, it doesn’t mean that another isn’t going to love it because I really like this concealer. It is described as a ‘moisture rich formula, blends easily and leaves skin feeling soft and even’. The moisture rich formula means that it is creamy and easy to blend as Illamasqua suggests. From what I gathered from people’s reviews on this, the reason they didn’t like it was because it didn’t cover their blemishes but if you buy a concealer marketed specifically for the under-eye area then you can’t expect it Β to cover blemishes.

The before and after shots are below and I really like the finish this concealer gives because it’s moisturising without creasing or looking cakey and it balances and evens my skin tone. The sale is still on I think (don’t hold me to that!) so if you like the look of this then give it a try!




Have you tried this? Jess x


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