Revolucion de Cuba



I love finding new, cool little restaurants to eat and this place is a hidden gem. It goes by the name of Revolucion De Cuba and they do Caribbean…from the biggest cocktail menu I’ve ever seen to food and it’s quite clear that the aim is to get as much flavour in to everything as possible. We went for the lunch menu where everything on the menu is £6 which I think is unbelievable. So for £6, we got the slow cooked beef brisket braised in rum with cheese in a brioche bun with gherkins, chips and a spicy kind of mayonnaise dip. I love everything about this place…the music (salsa, Caribbean style), decor, lighting and the bar transports you to feeling like you’re somewhere on holiday. I’ll DEFINITELY be going here again and maybe try the crab dish..yum.

I love little posts like these, let me know what you think! Jess x


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