My favourite Instagram accounts

instagram post

instagram post 2


 From left to right:

@beautyisboring_ – This account belongs to Robin Black – a make up artist and photographer. I relate to her as she openly admits she has a love/hate relationship with ‘beauty’. Her Instagram account features faces & looks she has created that she finds beautiful – so do I.

@lotstar – Lottie (make up artist) showcases a collection of her most beautiful, inspiring and interesting creations.

@parisinfourmonths – Carin, planned on staying in Paris for 4 months but she couldn’t leave because of her true love for the city so she ended up living there and working as a photographer. My own love for Paris is always ever growing and the snapshots on this Instagram remind me of why I love it so much.

@blairz – I LOVE the beautiful sketches and illustrations scattered all over this Instagram. So cool and chic!

@kit_king – drawings of skulls……….yes. I love skulls. This artist is so talented and her work is so intricate and she is just COOL.

@jamieoliver – comfort food, polished, clean and colourful photography and about a million and one different cuisines.

So they are my top favourite 6 Instagrams! Please let me know what your favourite accounts are – I’d love to start following more!

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Jess x


7 thoughts on “My favourite Instagram accounts

  1. How are you able to create separate pages (ex. beauty, fashion, lifestyle) and still be able to have blog post under it. Ive been trying and im not getting anywhere. Can you help a girl out a bit?

    1. I really struggle with technical things like this so I sort of did it by mistake but I think you go to your dashboard, click appearance and then menus and then create different sections/drop down menus 🙂 x

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