A smokey eye trio

sib gifCreating that perfect smokey eye using a million and one different shades and 10 different brushes to blend everything out perfectly can be a chore to most of us so I thought I would share with you 3 different ways to create a smokey eye that are all really simple and easy to achieve even though a couple of them look like a lot of work went in to them! I thought you would be bored of seeing my face all the time by now so I used my friend, Siobhan as a model. She has a blog too at sibandthecityΒ so go and check that out if you want! All three of these looks were created with my BH Cosmetics neutral palette, MAC’s blue brown pigment and Maybelline’s colour tattoo in on and on bronze:

sib smokeThe first look (on the left) is probably the easiest smokey eye in the world. You don’t even need a brush! I just applied the colour tattoo in on and on bronze all over the lid and blended it in to Siobhan’s crease for a soft and subtle smokey eye that looks beautiful as an every day eye make up look and I think it looks beautiful against her fair skin.

All you need to re-create the look on the right is a warm brown eye shadow shade with a slight red undertone and a darker matte brown shade. I used both colours from my BH Cosmetics palette but you could use anything you have (if you have the naked 1 palette, buck would be a great base colour). All I did was push the base shade all over Siobhan’s lid quite roughly and then just blended the darker shade through her crease with the same brush. I then used a clean brush to blend everything together and up towards the brow bone to achieve that soft smokey look. If you wanted to make this more of a grungy smokey eye then I would just apply a kohl black liner to the upper and lower lash line and then roughly blend it out with a fluffy brush.

sib smoke 2This third look is using my favourite product of all time to create a smokey eye. It’s obviously the MAC pigment in blue brown….just look at it. This is brilliant for if you aren’t comfortable doing a smokey eye because all you do with this is whack it on and blend it out a bit. As it is a du-chrome pigment, the shadow changes colour depending on if the light is hitting it or not so in the centre of the eye (the highest point where the light naturally hits) the blue shimmer particles reflect the light and in the crease where the light misses, you get this reddish shade which makes it look like you’ve really worked on blending it out when actually, it’s been a 2 minute job. I think this pigment would look incredible with any skin tone and I think the red/brown colour this pigment gives really compliments Siobhan’s copper locks.

I love all of these looks and I hope you enjoyed looking through them and like them as well! Thanks Sib for being such a world class smokey eye model. Jess x


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