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This is probably one of this year’s most talked about foundations so I just had to give it a whirl to see what all the fuss was about because I’d heard mostly raving reviews. I only have this foundation on in the picture above with no other make up on and I have to say, I don’t really think it does anything amazing in terms of how my skin looks or photographs. This comes in at £32 so you’d be pretty annoyed if it wasn’t all that great – I’m pretty annoyed at myself for getting it because I don’t believe it is worth it’s price tag. BUT it means that I can review it and talk to you about it so it’s not all bad! As far as coverage goes, it’s pretty good in that it feels light but I would say it gives medium coverage.

I applied this with my fingers (I got the shade 023) and it wasn’t the most blend-able and smooth foundation I’ve ever used but even worse than that, it clung to any dry patches I had. I don’t even have majorly dry skin (I get very dry skin in the winter though) so if you have dry skin then I can’t imagine how this would work for you! In terms of finish, I would say this is demi-matte but still makes the skin look healthy and fresh. Overall, this is a nice foundation but that is as far as it goes for me. For a Dior foundation and at £32, I expect it to be something special but some of my drugstore foundations are a LOT better than this.

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Have you tried this? What do you think about it all? Thanks for reading! Jess x


24 thoughts on “Review|Dior star foundation

      1. Like so much, I reckon around $80. To put that into perspective thats like 1 estee lauder foundation double wear foundation and a bourjois mascara haha (I know that because I own the two) x

      2. I don’t know it’s actually a thing here, like a lot of people complain about makeup pricing. We’re going to have our first Sephora opening up here soon though and they’re going to match US prices so hopefully that will change things. Drug store prices I don’t mind too much it’s just the high end stuff which is a rip. The average set of false lashes is like $10 it’s ridiculous.

  1. I got a small pot of this since I got a voucher for a sample from Vogue. I wasn’t that impressed either! My skin was a little dry and it did definitely cling to the dry patches – not what you expect from such and expensive product. I’m going to give it another try now my skin is less dry, but still unsure! Great post x

      1. Yeah good idea, I might try that. I also think the counter assistant chose the wrong colour for me – she didn’t test it on me and I think it’s a bit orangey! x

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