YSL rouge volupte sheer candy ‘luscious cherry no6’


These things are so talked about in the blogging world ans for good reason. This is my favourite shade and I thought it would be good to do a post about it now as it is a perfect choice for an alternative to the bold, matte red lipstick. At ยฃ25, it is very expensive for what it is but it is one of those dressing table pieces and is a nice little bit of luxury to treat yourself to if you’re mad about lip balms like I am! This is seriously the most moisturising lip product I’ve ever used and so, so creamy…almost like a stick of butter. In a very good way. I had wanted to get my hands on some of these for a long time but I couldn’t justify the price tag until the inevitable happened..I caved and went for it. If however, you really can’t justify the price then the Maybelline baby lips in ‘cherry me’ is fantastic and I’ve been through about 4 of them. This is what the rouge volupte in ‘luscious cherry no6’ looks like on:


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