The brush set for £8




 You can get this Amazon 5 piece brush set here!

 We all love a good brush set and this is definitely one to put on your ever growing beauty shopping list. As I was browsing Amazon, I came across this 5 piece brush set that looked pretty much exactly like the Real Technique’s brushes with the metallic pink ferrules and the reviews were so good that I just had to get them and see what all the fuss was about. The set itself is £7.99 and I got next day delivery for free….amazing! That makes the brushes individually £1.60 which is pretty incredible. The worry with brushes that are this cheap (for me anyway!) is that the brushes are going to be scratchy, will soak up a lot of product and will be impossible to clean thoroughly. These brushes are just as easy to clean as RT brushes, they don’t shed at all as the brushes are made up of synthetic hair and they are all REALLY soft apart from the tapered brush in the middle which is a little stiff. Saying that, it is a very dense brush and I find it to work really well for applying under eye concealer. If you’re a fan of buffing brushes or are just looking for a cheaper alternative to the more expensive brushes, then this is a really great brush set. Anyone else tried these?

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9 thoughts on “The brush set for £8

  1. Goodness I really thought these were the Real Techniques brushes until I started reading! I think it’s brilliant to be able to get sets like this to bulk out a brush collection, otherwise it can get really expensive! The fact that the quality is good too make these a winner in my book. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  2. I’ve gotten cheaper brushes before and I’ve had the problem where one of a couple things happens- they are either stiff and scratchy as heck, or all the bristles fall out after the first washing, or sooner. I am excited to see that there are some out there that are good quality without being too expensive. I own a Real Techniques brush, and I adore it, and although I did not pay too much for it- maybe $8, it’s good to see cheaper options out there.

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