The Photo Journal #1


As a sort of New Year’s blog resolution, I decided I wanted to create a series that wasn’t so much about beauty but my life as something a little bit different for you to enjoy but also something I can look back on later on in life as memorabilia of the good ol’ days…..or something like that. This week has been mainly taken up by exams and hand ins for Uni but as always, procrastination

took over and I ended up coming across Atlas magazine which is STUNNING. If you like independent magazines, fashion or editorial style make up then check it out here. The whole clean, crisp image and the creativity spilling out of the pages is really *insert a load of complimentary adjectives*. Internet shopping is inevitable at the end of a long revision session so I searched high and low for a denim shirt which is seriously a task because I’m so fussy with them and so when I saw this one from ASOS, I snapped it up for Β£22. I wrote a blog post about MAC’s face and body this week and I haven’t stopped using it (you can read it here). Let’s just put it this way….if my NARS sheer glow went missing, I don’t think I’d notice for a long time. Saturday was one of those days where I quite frankly couldn’t be arsed to cook so my favourite Cuban restaurant was the obvious option. I had this sea bass baked in a banana leaf with Cuban rice, lentil and spinach salad and guacamole. Obviously I had to have fries because what is a meal out without fries/roast potatoes?

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Quick question: what’s a really memorable meal you’ve had when you’ve eaten out? Jess x


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