Foolproof Brushes For Quick, No Fuss Application


It’s great when you have an extra 15-20 minutes to perfect your make up look or to really buff your foundation in with a big, fluffy brush but most of the time, we need brushes that are going to help us to get the job done quickly and that require little effort to blend everything out properly when we have one eye open at 7am. These are my top 4 foolproof brushes that all pretty much do the work for you while still making your make up look seamless.

The Louise Young LY34 super foundation brush (£24)- It looks like an old school paint brush style foundation brush but is far from one in reality. It’s HUGE, blends everything out perfectly within a few seconds and works great with foundations and bases on the lighter side of things in terms of coverage.

Bobbi Brown’s face blender brush (£33) – The most versatile brush in all the land. I use this to apply a bit of powder and because it’s so fluffy and soft, it picks up a light amount of product which means it’s virtually impossible to go overboard. You can use this with blush, highlighter, bronzer….it does it all. P.S. If you do have more time on your hands, this makes liquid foundations look beautiful!

Real Technique’s buffing brush (core collection £18.23 on Amazon) – One of my absolute favourites. I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving this brush and I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you about it but I see a lot of people with the expert face brush from RT that say they love it but they haven’t tried the buffing brush. The buffing brush is 1 million per cent better – in my opinion. I wish they sold this on it’s own though as I’m needing a new one but I don’t want another core collection set!

Crown Brush’s C433 pro blending fluff brush (PR sample) (£6.09) – This is one of the greatest brush discoveries I’ve ever made and I can’t believe it’s only £6. This is such a brilliant blending brush that does all the work for you and is by far the best one I’ve ever used. And yes, it is softer than the MAC 217.

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What are your favourite brushes for quick, no fuss application? Jess x


7 thoughts on “Foolproof Brushes For Quick, No Fuss Application

  1. I could never justify splurging on a LY or Bobbi Brown brush because I don’t really feel like they’re worth the extra money when you can get such good quality brushes for so much less money! Then again, maybe that’s because I’ve never had one? I adore the RT brush and I agree that a 217-esque brush is an absolutely essential for everyone!
    Megan x

    1. Sorry but I completely disagree with you! Yes, the Real Technique’s brushes are good but they’re miles apart from the Bobbi Brown brushes. £33 on a brush that will last for over 10 years isn’t really that bad is it? I don’t think it is! BUT I agree with you on the MAC 217 dupe because I actually think the 217 is a little scratchy? X

  2. I am so useless when it comes to brushes but I really do think it makes a difference. I need to get my head out of the sand and give some decent ones a go. Will take your advice on brushes and give the Louise Young one a go! xx

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