Where To Eat In London – San Carlo Cicchetti

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Warning – this is going to be a seafood heavy post but this is one of the best restaurants I’ve ever eaten in in London and one that I would recommend to seafood lovers like myself. Siobhan and I were after a light lunch and we came across San Carlo Cicchetti which is an Italian tapas style restaurant that specialises in seafood. The interior is absolutely beeeaaautiful with marble walls and golden tables. The waitors (no females) were so attentive and were all Italian as they stay as authentic as possible with even the ingredients such as the truffles, pasta and cheeses being flown in from Italy! We ordered from the specials menu and went with ‘the seafood platter’ with chargrilled langoustines, scallops in a butter and tarragon sauce and mussels and clams in a chilli, tomato and garlic sauce. With fries, of course because I literally can’t order anything in restaurants without a side order of some form of chip dish. Anybody else?

If you love real authentic Italian food and want to try out a new restaurant in London, go for this.

Have you got any London restaurant recommendations? Jess x


4 thoughts on “Where To Eat In London – San Carlo Cicchetti

  1. Ooh that looks good! I don’t go to London that often but will definitely keep these in mind! There’s a place in London called “Archipelago” which is quite unusual. Google it if you have time….they serve very “exotic” foods! Haven’t been there myself but I’m mildly curious!

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