The Photo Journal #2 – London


This week was spent in London and we (Siobhan & I) got a lot done and a LOT of food was consumed. Enjoy!

Borough Market 
london 014

london 013


london 008

london 012

london 009

london 027

 Lobster roll & courgette fries at Smack Deli 

london 015

london 017

london 024


london 022

london 023


‘A seafood platter’ at San Carlo Cicchetti 

london 036

london 037


london 044


london 050


Natural history museum 

london 031


Soy chicken ramen with cock scratchings (…..crispy chicken skin) at Bone Daddies 

london 062

london 052


V&A museum 

london 067


london 071


Just a few reasons why I love London. You can follow me on Instagram & Bloglovin! Jess x


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