Ideas for your productive ‘to-do’ list


 For those days when you haven’t got any plans but the thought of doing nothing all day drives you insane…

Update your CV/resume  – the amount of times I’ve seen a job being advertised that I want to apply for straight away, only to remember that I haven’t updated my CV in a while is ridiculous! So, get your pen and paper out or sit down with your laptop and jot down the things you need to add to it so you’re prepared for when the job of your dreams comes along!

Clean your makeup brushes – I know a lot of people find it a chore but it can be sort of therapeutic if you set up a mini brush cleaning situation in front a film with a big bowl full of lukewarm water and a towel to lay your brushes on. After all, how much do you want to do a huge face palm when you want to do a nice, subtle eyeshadow look and your favourite blending brush looks like you’ve dipped it in soot?

Make a rough meal plan for the week ahead – It can be difficult coming up with meal ideas that aren’t the same old, same old so maybe you could research a few meal ideas (food section on Bloglovin)! This is a really good idea for if you’re like me and end up going to the shop everyday in a rush and end up picking up things you probably shouldn’t and spending far too much money.

Write a mini bucket list – Now, I’m not talking about a bucket list that consists of things like bungee jumping, bathing in a waterfall or riding elephants…I’m thinking more along the lines of more realistic things and little things that you can do to improve your life or better yourself.

Hope this was helpful! You can follow me on Instagram & Bloglovin! Jess x


6 thoughts on “Ideas for your productive ‘to-do’ list

  1. They are such great ideas! I always make a meal plan that way I don’t buy a load of rubbish when doing the weekly shop 🙂 xx

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