Finally Finding My Perfect Nude| 17’s ‘beehive’



I have quite the collection of nude lipsticks but there has never been one that I think of as my perfect nude or my perfect ‘your lips but better’ shade…until I came across this. A favourite in the blogging sphere – 17’s mirror shine lipstick in ‘beehive’. This looks a lot darker in the bullet than it

actually looks on the lips because as you can see, it is very sheer and is a kind of light rose shade. The formula of this lipstick is really creamy and glossy and it smells like an old school lipstick if you know what I mean? So it’s a very nostalgic lipstick for me and I wear it ALL THE TIME. The only thing I don’t like about this is the packaging because the lid is hard to get back on as the little mirror gets in the way which I don’t really see the purpose of because it’s such a sheer lipstick that doesn’t require a mirror for accurate precision and application. This is just one of those running out the door but need to put something on your lips and have about 0.5 seconds to decide kind of lipstick and I’m pretty sure this will be a forever repurchased product for me which I’m very happy with because it’s only £4.79! Have you tried this?

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25 thoughts on “Finally Finding My Perfect Nude| 17’s ‘beehive’

    1. Noooo, please swatch it on your hand when you go to Boots or Superdrug because it looks a lot lighter on camera than it actually is in real life! It would look great with an olive skintone…it’s like a dusty rose x

      1. Well no “physical” Boots or Superdrug here I am afraid, so there goes that. Considering the price I might just take the plunge and order it online, though. Will let you know what I thought, if I do 🙂

      2. Oh, no worries! I’m actually from Greece. Was kinda planning a little online Boot haul though – might just add one more lowly lipstick to the equation 😛 XOXO

      3. Not a blush collector per se – but I can always be tempted 😉 Been meaning to try the Max Factor Creme Puff Blushes (which apparently are dupes for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting ones). I have only tried the Sleek eyeshadows so far (got two of their palettes for Christmas) . Maybe I should add a blush to the list…

      4. Oh gosh! Let me think… I am a lacto ovo pescetarian, so anything involving meat is kind of a non- option for me I’m afraid (although I could probably recommend recipes, if you wanted) . Top veggie dish, off the top of my head, has to be “Gemista” (which literally means “stuffed”): tomatoes, courgettes and peppers stuffed with a mashed veggie and rice mix and baked in the oven with potatoes). It is absolutely amazing, you should try it sometime (let me know if you fancy the recipe). I also like the very quick and easy “Kayana” (which is scrambled eggs with tomato sauce and crumbled feta cheese).

      5. Well, I’m still allowed the seafood so I’m making do… Hehe! If you love your meat a good, traditional Greek dish to try making is Mousaka (of course). Again, do let me know if you want the recipe (my mum makes a mean one, from what I remember… LOL).

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