‘Inside The Beauty Bag’ With Megan



 I thought it was about time for another instalment of my ‘Inside The Beauty Bag’ series and Megan from Seek My Scribbles is The Beauty Sanctuary’s latest guest. Her blog is one of my personal favourites to read so go and check it out. P.S. If you fancy being the next guest for this series then find out how you can be at the end of this post!

Hello, I’m Megan from Seek My Scribbles! Today I’m here to share some of the items in my makeup bag that I use on a daily basis. A big thank you to the lovely Jess for having me on here!

My favourite base right now is the No 7 Essentially Natural foundation. It offers a light coverage and true to the name, looks natural on the skin. Once I’ve hidden my blemishes with the bloggers’ favourite Collection concealer, I like to brighten things up and give my cheeks a glow. First step is to add a little definition to the face with the Bourjois chocolate bronzer, next step is giving the cheeks a rosy glow with the middle shade of the Sleek Blush By 3 palette (Guipure) and the final step is to highlight my (non-existent) cheekbones with theBalm’s Mary Lou-Manizer.

On the eyes I keep things pretty simple. A quick swipe of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze over the lids, eyeliner flicks and a couple of coats of the YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara and I’m done! After running a little brown powder through my brows from The Body Shop’s Brow Kit, I’m ready to move on to my lips and at the moment my go-to lipstick is The Body Shop’s Pink Luxe. It adds a glossy pink sheen to the lips and leaves them feeling super moisturised.

And there’s my finished look! For makeup reviews and other beauty themed posts, feel free to pop over and pay Seek My Scribbles a visit. xo

If you fancy being the next guest for this series on this blog, pop me an email at jesshall333@hotmail.co.uk! Jess x 


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