15 Questions Tag


 I do have hands, I’m just chilling.

I’ve never done a ‘tag’ so to speak on this blog before and this one took my fancy so here you go!

  1. What do you think you can do but can’t?

Go to Meadowhall without ending up eating at Chao Baby (Thai restaurant)

  1. What’s a difficult word for you to pronounce?

Neanderthals. I try but I just can’t!

  1. What are your favourite TV shows from your childhood?

Some mothers do ave em, tom & jerry, fawlty towers.

  1. What are your virtues and vices?

I’m a very determined person but I don’t quite know what my end goal is yet! My vices are impatience, swearing habits, biting my nails and eating chocolate after nearly every meal.

  1. What’s more important: love, fame, power, or money?

Love, you can’t function as a human being without it.

  1. If you could live in any era/time period, when would it be and why?

Seeing as this question doesn’t technically specify how long I would actually be living in this particular era, I’m going to interpret it and say the Tudor period because I have a scary fascination and obsession with it but I can’t imagine it would be a nice era to live in for the entirety of my life! With the aid of a time machine, I would return to the 21st century to avoid being burned at the stake just in case bloody Mary mistook me for a witch.

  1. If you had to redo your entire wardrobe with 2 stores, what would they be and why?

& Other Stories and Whistles. Simple, understated, clean cut clothes are my shizz.

8. Can you recall what you were doing a year ago on this day?

Probably worrying about my future, as always!

  1. Do you have reoccurring dreams? If so, explain?

A reoccurring dream I’ve had for about 8 years now is of me standing on a wooden raft in the middle of a foggy lake and there is a huge white veil in front of me and jars clashing above my head that are full of disturbing things. I have nightmares a lot haha….

10. What’s your horoscope?

11. What does your dream bedroom look like?

White. White, crisp linen from The White Company (the best bed sheets in the world by the way!) and very simple with a French, art deco style dressing table….google it and you’ll see what I mean!

  1. What position do you sleep in?

Curled up like a puppy/cat/foetus

  1. What are your all time favourite films?

Carry on screaming, We Need To Talk About Kevin, Psycho, Funny Face, The Secret Garden, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Alice In Wonderland, Splash, anything Jim Carrey.

  1. What makeup are you currently wearing?

Clinique even better foundation, Maybelline gloss in ‘glorious grapefruit’, Laura Mercier caviar stick in ‘burnished bronze’ on my eyes!

  1. Do you have neat handwriting? Show us!

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 Hope you enjoyed reading this! I tag Siobhan, Megan, Katie &Mill! If anyone else wants to do this tag obviously feel free and once you’ve done it, please leave a link in the comments section below so I can go and read them!

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20 thoughts on “15 Questions Tag

  1. These were some really interesting answers. 🙂 such an interesting insight. 🙂 I have to admit, a white bedroom would look awesome but I imagine hard to keep clean.

    I loved reading this post. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous handwriting! Interesting dream you are having there. Shall we start to do some analysis for you 😉
    Nice to get to know you better as a blogger. I very much enjoyed reading this post. x

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