You Glow, Glen Coco



If you’re a long standing subscriber of this blog, you’ll know that if a base isn’t glowy then I’m just not into it. You’ll also know that I love a cheesy title. This makeup is the perfect pick-me-up and leaves you feeling like you haven’t got anything on your face which is a bonus in my eyes! Chanel’s vitalumiere aqua seems to be like good skin in a bottle and for such a light base, you hardly need any of it because it does a beautiful job of evening out the skin and really gives that plumped up look to your skin. I will say though that I would describe it as being a hybrid between a gel/serum based foundation and a water based foundation that doesn’t at all feel tacky on the skin or leave any kind of film. I didn’t use any concealer after applying this because I find that if I prep my skin before the whole makeup jobby, I don’t really think I need it and to be honest, I’m not loving any of my concealers at the minute!

I am an avid collector of highlighters but for me, this base gives enough glow and I just don’t think it needs highlighter as well but I did use my No7 pop and glow stick in rose blossom because I wasn’t adding any bronzing products so a good amount of blush on the cheeks just adds a bit more dimension to the face and prevents it from look flat and blah. Y’know?

I’m about to make a VERY bold claim. I think the quality of the shadows in this MUA heaven and earth palette are on the same level and possibly better than the shadows in the naked palettes. I know, I know. The shades aren’t very interesting or unique but the textures are incredible and dare I say it ‘buttery’.

My lips have been in a rather sorry state so I’ve just been reaching for my Clarins instant light natural lip perfecter in petal shimmer which doesn’t really add any colour but perks them up a bit and leaves them feeling a little more nourished.

What’s your favourite look at the minute? You can follow me on Instagram & Bloglovin! Jess x


11 thoughts on “You Glow, Glen Coco

    1. I’ve wondered the same about Chanel foundation. My skin oxidizes so badly with like every drugstore foundation I’ve ever used so I’m wondering if maybe a high end one will do the trick, and I need one for dry skin.

  1. I’ve used that Chanel foundation for years. It’s a perfect day-to-day staple!

    I love how the blush stick looks with it, very natural and effortless!

    xo, Sheryl

  2. Totally agree with you about the mua shadows. Not that exciting or glam but do the job the tiniest bit better… Although it’s not something I like to admit to myself when you’ve spent the money on the naked palettes! Xx

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