The Weekend Away Wardrobe


I’m currently at Uni and I take a lot of trips home and to London for a few days at a time and I used to be guilty of literally packing a massive suitcase for 3 days away. So, I’ve learnt from my mistakes and have now whittled my wardrobe down to just a few suit all casual occasions pieces that pretty much cover all bases. You’ll notice I haven’t included any jeans and that’s because my favourite pair are currently in the wash which I did a blog post about here and I just pair my Topshop leggings with leather panels with my denim.

Reiss jumper (£85) – I love this jumper for the fact that it feels like such great quality in the way that it is quite heavy and fits in all the right places perfectly. I’m not one for patterns but I love the simple design and this is just one of those throw on items that has the added benefit of going with pretty much any makeup look…bonus.

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ASOS denim shirt (£22)– You know you have that one item of clothing in your wardrobe (in my case, floordrobe) that you wear all the time? Mine is this shirt and it took me about a million years to find a denim shirt because I’m so picky and couldn’t find any with buttons I liked…I know. At £22, I’m pretty pleased about this find!

& Other Stories scarf (around £28 but I can’t find it on their website!) – Cobalt blue is my favourite colour so naturally, I love this scarf. Again, it has a really good weight to it and feels like really good quality material. & Other Stories is up there with one of my favourite shops at the minute so if you haven’t checked it out or heard of it, go over to the website!

Next camel waterfall coat (£65 no longer available on the Next site but you can get it from Ebay for £60 here)– This coat comes everywhere with me. It’s warm, neutral and sophisticated looking..what’s not to like?

Nike roshe run trainers (£70) – I have feet so wide I look like a hybrid of someone wearing flippers 24/7/a clown so I can’t shoe shop wherever I please which doesn’t bother me too much because I don’t really give two hoots about shoes but these trainers look cool with a denim shirt and nice leggings. Update – had to send these back because they didn’t fit me perfectly but they were really good quality and comfortable so I thought I’d still include them!

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 What are your wardrobe staples at the minute? Are you following me on Instagram & Bloglovin? Jess x


6 thoughts on “The Weekend Away Wardrobe

  1. love the style. It seems so classic but with a twist. I want to invest in Reiss items because they are so sophistcated… I just don’t like their price tags! x

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