How I Add Volume To My Locks


Let’s talk hair. I have fine hair, but a lot of it. I would never describe my hair as being thin but I’m always after ways of plumping it up a bit without getting lots of greasy or crispy product in to it. I also want something that’s not going to damage my hair which is why I avoid back combing and hairspray like the plague, so I scoured the web but most of the products that sounded perfect for the job were

on Sephora so I just left it to avoid shipping fees. Then one day (this is starting to sound like a novel), I was scrolling through the skincare section of Space NK as I often do and thought I would have a look at the hair stuff they had to offer on the off chance I might find something other than a million and one spin offs of the Oribe texturising spray. I came across Living Proof’s instant texture mist, read the reviews and immediately put it in to my virtual shopping basket.

I know this stuff isn’t the cheapest thing on the market but it’s nowhere near Oribe and you don’t need much of the actual product either to have a great effect. There are a few reasons why I love this stuff, one of them being that it’s not a heavy product that’s going to weigh your hair down leaving it limp and lifeless like a serum or cream maybe would. The other one being that it’s a quick, fuss-free product because there’s no dipping your fingers and scooping cream out of a pot or getting serum/oil all over your hands. You can just give your hair a couple of spritzes , walk out the door and go about your day without worrying about visible residue being leftover from what you’ve used on your hair!

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