Blogging Opens Doors


*All the products featured in this photo were kindly gifted to me as PR samples and are some of my favourite products I’ve been lucky enough to be sent.

Apart from my 15 questions tag I did a couple of weeks ago, you guys don’t really know a lot about me so I thought I’d do a short-ish post about what’s ahapps at the moment in my little bubble.

I know a lot of people out there are still skeptical about the ‘bloggersphere’ so I wanted to write a blog post about what blogging can do and the amazing opportunities that can be a result of it. I think when you’re wanting to go in to a creative field, you’re absolutely screwed if you don’t have interesting and varied things on your CV/resume and I didn’t want to just have retail and waitressing on my CV because let’s face it, that’s going to get you nowhere in a creative field of work such as the fashion & beauty industry. So, I basically got my arse in to gear and by the way, I’m currently at Uni studying for my degree in psychology and criminology but the less we talk about that, the better haha!

Running a blog and seeing some form of success through your blog is a great achievement in itself and my blog is the first thing I talk about on my CV because all of the opportunities I’ve had so far have nearly all happened as a result of it. Aside from working with amazing PR teams for some of the biggest companies in the beauty industry and being able to generate a small amount of income from this blog, there are a couple of really exiting things that I’ve had the opportunity to do through blogging.

As some of you may know, I have worked for Dior & Burberry as a beauty consultant which is something that I worked my balls off for because it was something that I really wanted to dip my toes in to and get on my CV. As you can probably tell from this post, I’m slightly obsessed with aiming to be the applicant that stands out and I feel like I’ve got myself on ‘the ladder’ that everyone talks about and am slowly starting to climb up it…know what I mean?

For those of you who don’t know, I have been the weekly beauty column writer for Style On Trend for around 5 months now which still overwhelms me and makes me feel that little bit prouder of my blog as I was employed by the co-founder of the company because they loved my blog and I still absolutely love creating content and writing for their fab site.

Now, I would describe myself as an introvert but meeting other bloggers at events has always been something I love doing and I have to give a little shout out here to three of the most amazingly lovely bloggers I’ve ever met – Kate, Hanh & Karen. My favourite event so far has been the ARK Skincare event I attended last year which is possibly up there with one of the most nerve-racking things I’ve ever done because look at the venue it was held in….Grace Belgravia.

My next challenge I’ve set myself is to intern this summer and I’ve just passed the first stage of my application for a social media and writing internship for The London School of Media Makeup which I’m really pleased with and it will be such a ‘dream come true’ opportunity for me. I’ve got a couple of exciting projects going on at the moment which are all happening because of this blog and that makes me very, very happy!

What are you your thoughts on this topic? I’d love to know. Jess x


12 thoughts on “Blogging Opens Doors

  1. Go you! That’s really good to hear that your blog has guided you in such a good direction. All the best for your future xx

    1. Thank you! I just get emails inviting me to events and press launches and I can’t always make it but they’re really great when I can go. Just make yourself and your blog known and hopefully good & exciting things will fall in to place! x

  2. Love this Jess. I am also trying to get my name out there and you know from the countless emails I’ve bombarded you with how much I want to succeed. I’m training as a beauty therapy n want to specialise in skincare. I’m hoping that through my blog I can eventually connect with some skincare brands.
    You are an inspiration and so lovely, u have really help me xx

    1. Looks like you’re getting there already, I just bought something from your recommendation with the liquid gold! Once you’re confident with your followers, message brands on twitter and let them know you exist 🙂 you’re so knowledgeable about skincare and have set up a great blog so you’ve already succeeded in my eyes. Always here for emails! xx

  3. Congratulations to all you have achieved! I’ve just started blogging and it’s been a while since I’ve done any writing so I’m a bit rusty but I’m hoping it will improve over time! I’m hoping that in the future my blog will open doors too but I’m going to try and work out how to properly use WordPress first! Haha. Congrats again and look forward to reading more from you! Xx

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