YSL’s Rouge Volupte Lipstick ’15 Extreme Coral’



There are so many variations of finishes in the rouge volupte line so this shade is from the  lipstick line which offers a creamier texture and is much denser pigmentation wise. I have one of the sheer candy rouge voluptes which I absolutely love but unfortunately, I don’t love this one as much. It glides on to the lips beautifully and is so ridiculously smooth but I’m just not that in love with the cream formula because I think it is too pigmented and it doesn’t apply as evenly as it should for the price tag. That seems like a stupid thing to say about a lipstick I know but I think this one is so hard to work with because the actual lipstick is so dense and thick. Saying that, it does work quite nicely if you apply it as you would a stain because it has impressive longevity but provides more moisture than most stains would.

At £26 a pop, I was going to make this work for me somehow and I have…..as a cream blush. The slight peachy, coral hue this gives to my cheeks is really nice and I absolutely love it as a blush. I think I’ll definitely go for another sheer candy rouge volupte but for now, this one will just be sitting pretty on my dressing table and not at all being used for its intended purpose!

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16 thoughts on “YSL’s Rouge Volupte Lipstick ’15 Extreme Coral’

  1. Shame that it’s not a winner for you as lipstick considering the price but at least you’ve made it work! I love being using a product for something else and it actually works well haha! It does look a nice shade on you though 🙂

    Esther xxx | EST. SINCE 94

  2. I love the idea of using a lipstick on the cheeks!
    I am a big fan of this formula though. I love the pigmentation but if you layer too much the coverage can go a little patchy? Having said that I get so much use out of Peach Passion! I need more shades! x

    1. yes! Even with just one layer I find that it goes patchy. Peach passion looks like I nice shade but I’m just not a fan of this formula. Absolutely love my rouge volupte sheer candy one though x

      1. The Sheer Candy formula sounds like something I’d like so I’ll have to look into the range! Any colour recommendations? x

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