Nip + Fab’s Glycolic Fix Serum & Instant Fix Mask


 *PR samples

I’m a sucker for skincare so when I got an email asking if I wanted to test out the new glycolic range from Nip + Fab, I said YES. I’ve been testing the products out for just under 2 weeks so I can now give you my thoughts after seeing what kind of results they give. These are the two stand out products for me and are the ones that I think are really worth purchasing.

Glycolic fix serum (£14.95) – I think good serums at a high street price point are really difficult to come across because the concentration of high performing ingredients that they’re famed for don’t come cheap. When I compare this with my YSL youth liberator serum which is a very liquid and runny formula, this Nip + Fab one is much more velvety in texture and is a lot more cooling I would say. Glycolic acid is known for improving skin elasticity and firmness and I’ve noticed that my skin does look a lot more ‘plump’ immediately after I’ve applied this and in the mornings, my skin seems to look a lot less flat. If you have oily skin, I would 100% recommend this because although I only have a slightly oily t-zone, this serum has completely kept that oiliness at bay and I haven’t been using powder after applying my foundation when I use this serum in the mornings. If I’m to be really critical, the only negative I can find with this is that it does sit on the skin for a few minutes before it really sinks in which doesn’t bother me to be honest because I always do my skincare routine quite early on in the evening but I wouldn’t recommend hitting the hay as soon as you’ve applied this serum.

Glycolic instant fix mask (£12.95) – I spoke briefly about this mask in my February favourites because I absolutely love it. True to the name, this gives instant results and my skin looks so much brighter and more radiant after I’ve used this. I can’t tell you how happy I was when I saw that this was a gel mask because those charcoal coloured clay masks are like the devil and just get everywhere. I’d always been wary of glycolic acid treatments in the past because high levels of it can irritate the skin but this mask contains 4% glycolic acid which is music to my ears because while that is a decent concentration, it’s not going to irritate your skin. If you want a quick and easy, fuss free mask that is going to instantly perk and firm up your skin whenever it’s looking a it drab and dull, this is your guy.

P.S. My boyfriend thinks this line smells like KFC’s citrus hand wipes (WHAT!?) which I think is very funny but in all seriousness, the products smell like grapefruit to me which I’m very happy with!

Let me know what your thoughts on Nip + Fab’s products are!

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5 thoughts on “Nip + Fab’s Glycolic Fix Serum & Instant Fix Mask

  1. Oh I love Nip+Fab and that serum is one of my all time favourites☺. You should try facial pads too…… changing xx

      1. Lucky girl. I stocked up and have 4 pots as I’m scared incase they stop making them lol. Fab products x

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