Project Wardrobe


We all know that I have a very minimalist approach with my wardrobe, it’s a shame the same can’t be said for my makeup collection but that’s a whole other blog post. To be honest, a capsule wardrobe hasn’t been a difficult thing for me to create as I’m so unbelievably picky with clothing anyway but here are my top tips when going about creating yours!

My capsule wardrobe – I stick to a neutral palette with mainly accents of cobalt blues and denims and my favourite pieces are featured in the image above (excluding my waterfall camel coat & ripped denim jeans) and are as follows from top to bottom:

& other stories scarf/COS striped tee/ASOS denim shirt/French Connection crew neck jumper/Reiss print jumper/Zara oversized grey jumper

Focus on quality – I avoid places such as Primark like the plague because with the mass producing, poor material and low cost, the quality just isn’t there and you can tell the difference between a Primark jumper and a jumper of higher quality, let’s face it. That being said, I also think Β a lot of high street shops have higher price points than Primark but the quality is still pretty drab and poor like Miss Selfridge for example but that’s just my opinion. I think spending that extra bit of money but alsoΒ aiming for higher quality with the pieces that you are going to wear the most is worth it and will make a huge difference.

Figure out what you love/loathe – For me personally, I hate OTT prints like paisley and florals and prefer more sophisticated, neutral and simple clothing pieces with accents of bright colours so I go for brands such as Whistles & French Connection where I can find a lot of pieces that fit my preferences. Figure out which shops fit your style and it will make it all a hell of a lot easier!

Assess the basics – Have you got everything you need? The basics like the t-shirts and the jeans are the foundation of your wardrobe so make sure that you’re really happy with your existing ‘foundation’ from which you can base your future outfits around.

Any tips to share? You can follow me on Instagram & Bloglovin! Jess x


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