Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Balm Perfectors Review


 *PR samples. These products were kindly sent to me by Clarins.

If you’ve been around these parts for a while, you’ll know that I am very fond of the Clarins instant light natural lip perfectors and aside from bases and highlighters, tinted lip balms are probably my favourite product to hoard and collect so I was very excited when I received these in the post! The formula is so moisturising and the balms just seem to melt on to the lips, providing a sheer tint of colour and because they are PH reactive, they work with the natural hue of your lips so I can’t think of anyone that wouldn’t love these lip balms.

Another major plus point for me with these balms is the slimline packaging and the metal that surrounds the actual product means that they aren’t going to melt in your handbag when the sun finally starts to show it’s face like other balms can do. Obviously you would need to top up throughout the day with these but they are such a ‘slap on’ product that require no effort or mirror. The shades are all pretty universal, they smell delicious (like candyfloss and peach) and are just such an easy, ‘throw on and run out the door’ product. I know some people really hate arm swatches on blogs so I’ve swatched all six shades on myself..don’t say I don’t treat you! You can buy these instant light natural lip balm perfectors for £18 each here.


 01 ‘rose’


 02 ‘coral’


 03 ‘my pink’


 04 ‘orange’


 05 ‘red’


 06 ‘rosewood’

Have you tried these? What do you think? Jess x


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