MAC’s ‘All Fired Up’


all fired up

Firstly, I’d just like to address the fact that MAC are slowly increasing the prices of their lipsticks which angers me…….very much. From working on beauty counters myself, I know how much a MAC counter makes on average per day and let me tell you, they do NOT need that extra £0.50. Seriously, the money they take per day even on a relatively small counter is astronomical.

Normally with MAC lipsticks, all of the attention goes on the classics and the ‘of the moment’ shades like velvet teddy, ruby woo, blankety etc but there are some real hidden gems that don’t see the limelight as often as they should and this is one of them. ‘All fired up’ is an offering from the retro matte line and I was drawn to it because I don’t think true red shades are the most flattering of colours on me so I now go for raspberry reds which I think suit my skin tone and hair colour a lot more. Are the MAC matte formulas drying? Yes. This doesn’t bother me because the matter, the better with bold lips for me personally but if you find super duper matte formulas uncomfortable to wear, try exfoliating and moisturising your lips beforehand. I don’t find the finish of the retro matte line to be any different to the finish of the regular mattes line but I do find that the retro mattes drag a little more on application. All things being said, I really do love this little raspberry red number.

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11 thoughts on “MAC’s ‘All Fired Up’

  1. This is so pretty! I can’t believe they’ve put their prices up either, so annoying! I went in the other day whilst in London and I had to queue for ages to speak to anyone because everyone was after that bloody Cinderella range which has sold out! Had true rage seriously x

  2. Such a gorgeous shade! It looks great on you!! I will have to add this to my MAC lipstick wish list lol. 🙂 xo

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