Can’t stop with the chocolate and fizzy drinks?

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*All products featured in this post are PR samples.

 I’m never going to completely give up chocolate or fizzy drinks but alternatives are always welcome to stop the sugary indulgences from happening quite as often………..

You’ll nearly always find a bottle of Pepsi max sitting in my fridge so when SlimCha contacted me asking if I wanted to try out one of their new 14 day teatox packs, I very willingly said yes! Obviously, just drinking herbal tea is never going to make you lose weight on its own and I still have my reservations about drinking tea to lose weight but I do actually quite like this product. P.S. I’m not on a mission to lose weight in any way BUT I do feel a little different after drinking a mug of this every day for 1 week. I feel like it fills me up a little bit and I don’t snack as much which is probably due to the yerba mate in the tea, a South American beverage that is known for reducing appetite. The tea itself tastes really fresh and the quality is definitely there and although it seems quite pricey at £20 per pack, that is a fairly competitive price in the ‘teatox’ market.Would I recommend these over ‘Bootea’? Yes. You can purchase SlimCha’s 14 day teatox packs here.

I feel the need for chocolate errrrrryday and I am REALLY impressed with Mr Popple’s raw chocolate bars. A couple of squares of this is enough and that is coming from a girl who will easily eat the whole Galaxy bar, no questions asked. The texture of these raw cacao bars is so creamy and my favourites are the orange flavour and the mint & lime flavour. I would highly recommend ordering a couple of these bars to try out for yourselves and at the minute, you can pick up 4 bars for £11.99 which is really great in my opinion. You can purchase Mr Popple’s raw chocolate bars here.

Have you got any good alternatives for those sweet treats? Jess x


15 thoughts on “Can’t stop with the chocolate and fizzy drinks?

  1. I need to try these! *_* I have a huge Coca Cola and chocolate problem, and I think replacing them with these healthier alternatives would be great 😀 Thank you for sharing them! Xx

  2. Looks yummy! I’m forever drinking Chai and other herbal/fruit teas but I tend to stick to Starbucks Chai Tea Bags and Twinings, perhaps I should be branching out a little more though, to see what else is out there! Xx

  3. Great post! for me giving up chocolate is not that bad but its the fizzy drinks for me! i literally like any fizzy drinks and if its in the fridge i will instantly want to drink! so ive just come to the conclusion to not buy any, because if its not there i wont drink it! xxx

    Anisha ♥ All You Need Is Red Lipstick

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