Inside My Little Bag for Paris

paris bag

So, I’m going to Paris tomorrow but it’s only going to be a short visit so I’ve kept things very minimal and have just taken the essentials which of course involves a tinted lip balm, shock horror. Makeup wise, I’m only taking things for touch ups and I’m going for my Chanel vitalumiere aqua because the amount of running and rushing around that is involved with Paris doesn’t bode well for

a heavy foundation and also, it had to be Chanel for Paris didn’t it!? My trusty Max Factor creamy blush in ‘soft pink’ is coming along for the ride because as well as being a beautiful product, it is so lightweight and teeny which makes it perfect for travelling.

A tinted lip balm is a thing of joy for me and I’m taking my Clarins instant light balm in ‘coral’ because a bold lip and the amount of food I’ll be consuming there won’t end up all that great and again, the packaging is really slimline so it won’t be a pain to lug around. A good book? Check. ‘The Book Thief’ is a favourite and I’ll be quite content making my way through this again for the journey. Finally, my passport. I’m the type of person to forget their passport before going anywhere so it’s obviously necessary to have it in a pastel purple case so I won’t forget it!

What are your essentials for travelling or a weekend away? Follow me on Instagram & Bloglovin! Jess x


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