March Beauty Favourites


I don’t normally do monthly favourites but there are a few things this month that I’ve really, really loved so I thought it was worth doing one for March! My Bobbi Brown full coverage face brush had been sitting in my pot unused and unloved for quite a while but after one of you lot spoke about your love for it in the comments, I got it out again and have been using it non stop because it’s such a fail safe brush that you can take everywhere

with you because of how dinky small it is. I’m more conscious about using a light base with SPF in it now that the sun is starting to show its face but as a slightly oily t-zone kinda girl, I don’t want to be rocking the sweaty Betty look so I’m opting for Bobbi Brown’s oil free tinted moisturiser. It smells……funky but it does wear off after a while and you can’t have everything.

Cream shadows and shadow sticks are my weakness and although I love my Laura Mercier caviar sticks, they melt in the heat and I find the Kiko sticks to be just as good! I looove this one in the shade 38 which is like a mauve/taupe-ish shade with flecks of silver sparkle running through it. LOVE it. I’ve spoken about the Clarins instant lip balms* a few times this month so I won’t go on but if you love tinted lip balms, the smell of vanilla and good packaging then you should probably (immediately) get yourself one of these.

What were your favourites in March? Any recommendations? Jess x


4 thoughts on “March Beauty Favourites

  1. Love Kiko!! Wish we had some Kiko stores in Canada!! I think my favourite beauty product I’ve purchased this month is the Victoria Beckham for Nails Inc. polish in Bamboo White. Gorgeous!!

  2. Oh yes the Bobbi Brown brush!! 🙂 Love it! Also, I can’t wait to get my hands on these Clarins Balms. They haven’t launched over here in Australia yet *sad face* xxx

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