3 MAC Lipstick Dupes



We all love a good dupe so here are my top 3 nude-ish MAC lipstick dupes and aside from lacking the sugared almonds smell that MAC lipsticks have, they’re all pretty much identical. YOU READY? P.S. Let me know if you want me to do another of these posts but for brighter, more daring MAC shades and I’ll do it! From left to right:

MAC ‘blankety’/Maybelline’s ‘tantalizing taupe’ (£6.99) – this one is a sort of cross over between MAC’s blankety and velvet teddy but the creamy formula lends itself more towards blankety. If you love the amplified creme finish lispticks from MAC, then you’ll love this soft beige shade. If you are extremely pale then I would suggest giving this a swatch first as the slightly ashy undertone could wash you out.

MAC ‘plumful’/Rimmel’s ‘vintage pink’ (£6.49) – Rimmel’s offering is slightly warmer than

plumful but the moisturising, buttery formula means that it’s easy to build up to your desired effect. Speaking of builiding up, a lot less effort is required with this Rimmel one because I actually find it to be more pigmented than MAC’s counterpart.

MAC ‘patisserie’/L’Oreal’s ‘barely greige’ (£6.99) – this was limited edition I believe but the same shade is now under JLo’s name which is strange but there we go. I know this looks VERY similar to tantalizing taupe but I think this one is a lot more universally wearable as it’s slightly less ashy and slightly more pink toned. The sheen and colour that this lipstick gives is extremely similar, if not identical to MAC’s patisserie!

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Hope you found this helpful! Any more nude dupes? Jess x


16 thoughts on “3 MAC Lipstick Dupes

  1. Tantalizing Taupe is a favourite of mine! Oddly enough I have both Barely Greige and Patisserie and find they both just disappear on me as they are too close to my natural lip colour. Makes sense if they are that similar! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

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