The April Base

april base

Let me tell you ladies and gentlemen, those gold leaves did not come cheap but I had to get them because just look at them. It’s been abnormally hot in the UK just recently so I’ve been going for my Bobbi

Brown tinted moisturiser for 3 reasons. It’s light so it doesn’t fell like I’m wearing anything (bonus), it has SPF appropriate for this warm-but-not-boiling weather and it’s a couple of shades too dark for me which in this case is great because it gives my complexion a bit more warmth without looking like I’ve blended a packet of wotsits and smeared it all over my face.

Me, wearing a powder blush? If you know me but at all, you will know that I always go for creams over powders in the blush department but I am in love with the creme puff blushes from Max Factor because they don’t look powdery whatsoever and the formula is so creamy and fine. A cream highlighter is something I don’t go a day without and I’ve rediscovered my love for Illamasqua’s gleam in ‘Aurora’ which is a beautiful iridescent champagne-y finish. Love, love, love.

What are your favourite base products at the moment? Always on the hunt for new products! Jess x

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20 thoughts on “The April Base

  1. As always am using the original bare minerals foundation but when it gets a bit warmer I will be wearing my Matt version to get rid of the pesky shine. For spf I have been using the kiels uv light protection with spf 50 to prevent any burning. Love the post and I the max factor blush looks gorgeous! X

    Fi |

  2. The Max Factor blush looks so pretty! I don’t change my makeup routine too much for warmer weather because I live in the dry dessert climate anyway…no humidity thank goodness! Though I have been experimenting with BB Creams but haven’t really found on that I really like yet. Great post!! πŸ™‚ ❀ xo

  3. I have heard so much about the max factor blushes and that they’re a great dupe for the hourglass ones (win) .. They are definitely at the top of my wish list! .. The hourglass ambient lighting palette id probably my pick of the moment =) … Love from NZ x

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