Illamasqua’s ‘eurydice’ lipstick


I love a good matte, statement lip, don’t you? I was on the hunt for a blue toned pink (which I think suits my skin tone and warmth the best) and came across this one from Illamasqua. This is going to be a bit of a strange review because I personally love this lipstick but I have a few pointers for why some of you might not be as in love with it as I am. Admittedly, the application of this is somewhat…strenuous shall we say! It is VERY unforgiving and really quite hard to work with and if you’re not confident with matte, bold lipsticks then I would say steer clear of this. It does drag on application and you do need to spend some time working with it to get a good effect. I apply this by patting on a thin layer straight from the bullet, working that in with my finger and then apply a second layer in the centre of my lips and then working outwards with a (synthetic) lip brush.

The true test of a matte lipstick lies with the longevity, am I right? I put this to the test a couple of days ago and I can say that it looked exactly the same as it did when I first applied it after a 10 hour day which involved eating two courses at a restaurant, 2 drinks and tearing open a package with my teeth…classy. An even better sign of a good matte lipstick? When you have to whack out the Bioderma to get it off. This stuff has serious staying power!

The only slight niggles I have about this lipstick are that I wish the formula was a little creamier and the fact that I can remember when Illamasqua lipsticks used to cost around £15 and now they’re £18.50…c’est la vie.

The rest of my makeup in the photo above – NARS tinted moisturiser (Finland), not wearing any concealer, The Body Shop’s honey bronzer, MAC ‘sable’ all over lid’, Rimmel’s lash accelerator mascara, L’Oreal’s brow artist plumper, Maybelline’s ‘pink punch’ baby lips as blush and Kiko liquid highlighter (discontinued).

Have you tried any Illamasqua lipsticks? What are your fave bold lipsticks? Jess x



10 thoughts on “Illamasqua’s ‘eurydice’ lipstick

  1. I love that shade on you! I can’t seem to pull off more cool-toned pinks, they just don’t suit me well, but on you, it looks amazing!

    love, Kat

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