5 Podcasts For Sundays


Stuff You Should Know – 30 minute educational podcasts that delve in to topics ranging from humorous to complex like Jack the ripper, the economy, the ecosystem and psychology. I study psychology at Uni and I really enjoyed the ‘how the placebo effect works’ and the ‘how fear works’ podcasts!

The Moth – these podcasts feature regular, run of the mill people telling their 5 minute stories on the most memorable moments of their lives. The storytellers are permitted no notes to stay as authentic as possible. Anthony Griffith: The best of times, the worst of times. It’s not a nice or easy listen but it will do something to you.

Radio Diaries, ‘Strange Fruit: Voices of a Lynching’  – one of my favourite songs and the most powerful song; ‘strange fruit’ is touched on here and historical audio tapes are used to tell the story of lynching in Indiana. Witnesses tell the story behind that famous lynching photo from 1930.

The no sleep podcast – horror stories are my favourite things EVER and these podcasts are just written horror stories read aloud. They’re addictive and if you love horror, go and check these podcasts out!

Elise gets crafty – the episdoes discuss creative topics, inspiration and motivation. Good for when you’re stuck in a rut!

Do you have any favourite podcasts? Jess x


7 thoughts on “5 Podcasts For Sundays

  1. I may just have to take some advice on these. My other half keeps wittering on about podcasts and how amazing they are…I can never find ones I want to listen to! Thanks for the ideas 🙂
    Lauren x

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