The ‘New In’ Drawer



With the ridiculous amount of makeup I buy, things often get pushed to the back of the stash and I forget about things easily which is

probably a sign I should just stop buying copious amounts but instead, I purchased another set of acrylic drawers which are now known as the ‘new in drawers’. Phew. I digress.

We all know I love a good cream blush and so I wanted to test out the elf hd blushes because they’re cheap as chips and come in a handy lightweight container with a pump. The most exciting recent purchase is of course MAC’s pigment in melon which I have been lusting after for a while but it was always out of stock! As expected with MAC pigments, the colour is unique and rich; I’m already in love with it. I love face/treatment oils and was keen to try the antioxidant one from Jurlique so I picked up the 10ml bottle to test the waters and to see if I really liked it before buying the full sized bottle. I’ll report back! The last two products of the bunch are Max Factor’s lavish mauve blush and Bobbi Brown’s foundation stick which I’ll do a post on really soon so you can see it in action!

What have you been buying recently? Follow me on Bloglovin! Jess x


8 thoughts on “The ‘New In’ Drawer

  1. I totally know what it’s like to forget about new purchases! That MAC pigment looks absolutely gorgeous, I love how it’s shimmering. Can definitely envision it in a bronzed beach goddess look. The face oil sounds amazing too, interested to hear your thoughts on it!

    Sinéad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  2. I tend to do the same with a new buy. Shame I don’t have the room for a draw like that 😦 but I will have to make space cause it’s a great idea. Never used a face oil before…….any thoughts on a good one??
    Kira xx

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