The Sunday Catch Up #1

catch up

This week is the beginning of something very exciting for me as I’ve moved to London for a couple of months to start my social media & blogging internship with The London School of Media Makeup which I cannot wait for as I have already spent time with the talented, fun people who work there and it’s such a great place to be. For those of you who may not know, I live with my boyfriend so not

living with him for a little while is a thought that makes me really sad but I’m incredibly lucky to have this internship and I LOVE London so I know I’ll be a really content, happy little bunny here. Whaaat?

An unimportant anecdote for you…as I’m typing this, my hands are aggressively shaking and my arms hurt like a MOFO because I had to trundle all of my bags and suitcase everywhere yesterday when I moved to London. It’s now 3pm and I’m searching on YouTube for a video on hand relaxation exercises, wow. Just wow.

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7 thoughts on “The Sunday Catch Up #1

  1. Congrats on the internship! I’m very jealous I have to say – I would love to know how you went about getting the internship since it’s something I would love to do!
    Rachel Coco

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