My ‘Intern’ Makeup Menu

internship makeup bag

You may have noticed that I’m only now posting twice a week on here and that’s simply because what with my full time internship and writing for Style On Trend, I can only realistically create two per week for the time being, hope that’s ok with you! Now on to the contents of my make up bag that I slap on my face every day… My love for tinted moisturisers is something that has the potential to drive me in to my student overdraft but for now at least I’m ok as I have rediscovered my love for my NARS tinted moisturiser (£29) which no other tinted moisturiser offerings seem to ever quite live up to. I’ve got a post sitting in draft all about it so keep your eyes peeled for that if you’re interested! It’s not very often you will catch me using a powder blush as I’m a firm cream blush kinda gal but Sleek’s rose gold (£3.88) has stolen my makeup heart. The formula, colour, packaging and longevity is perfection. For eyebrows, I’ve been swaying back and forth between Soap & Glory’s archery pencil (£8) and Maybelline’s taupe colour tattoo (I’ll do a post on that soon) but I love this pencil for the way that it’s not warm in colour so even on days when I can barely keep my eyes open, it’s pretty impossible to go overboard. Everyone and their goldfish, dog, auntie and sister-in-law seems to rave about the Clarins instant light lip balms but MY WORD are they good. Not too keen on the sponge applicator but you can’t have it all.

What do you think about these products? Want any of them? Follow me on Bloglovin & Instagram! Jess x


13 thoughts on “My ‘Intern’ Makeup Menu

  1. I recently purchased the travel size of the NARS tinted moisturizer…and I’m kind of kicking myself because (of course)….I LOVE IT. and it’s so pricey 😦 but somehow I don’t think that will stop me 😉

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