The Louise Young LY34 Brush


After knowing this was on my (huge) wishlist, my boyfriend very kindly picked this brush up for me and I’m so, so, SO glad he did. I can say with my hand on my heart that this is probably the best face brush I own. As with most things, there is a down side…sad face. If you like a really full coverage foundation, this brush may not be so brilliant for you. If you’re like me and wear very sheer, light bases with formulas that are predominantly water based, you will LOVE this. It is absolutely huge and makes the base application process take about 3.5 seconds which is amazing if you’re constantly in a rush because you kept pressing the snooze button like me.

The main selling point for this brush is obviously convenience and time related because it applies foundation so, so quickly and does all the work for you but brush itself is great quality. The hairs are ridiculously soft and synthetic so it’s really easy to clean and I’ve found that it works really well for other products such as liquid/cream blushes and cream bronzers. I know this brush is £24 but it’s not a product that’s going to get used up or has a use by date so really I think that price is fine because the brush is mighty fine. Yes.

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