The Weekend Face

weekend face final

weekend face 2

I will always be a natural makeup loving kind of girl and on the weekends, I keep everything very neutral and low-key. That is of course
unless I’m binge watching documentaries or old school horror movies whilst making my way through about 20,000 calories. I like to focus on blending and making the products look seamless on my skin so I tend to opt for more lightweight, cream textures and products.

I love Chanel’s vitamuliere aqua (£32) but for a reason that I imagine most people won’t love it for. I like it because it doesn’t completely cover all of my ‘imperfections’ (what the hell are those?) but it just evens out my tone and gives me that healthy a glow that my usual 5 hours of sleep and and an alarm set for 6am just won’t do.

One of my all time favourite EVER products is Bourjois’ bronzing primer (£9.99). It’s a cream bronzer that blends so seamlessly on to the skin without ever looking too much. Paired with Rimmel’s liquid cheek tint in ‘sunkissed cherry’ (£2.49), it just all looks very peachy and beautiful.

Aside from the smell which I don’t particularly love, Urban Decay’s lipgloss in ‘liar’ (£14.50) is up there in my top 5 favourite lip glosses and I’m nearly at the end of this rose gold tube...sad times.

What do you think of my weekend face? Do you like to go all out or keep it natural? Follow me on Bloglovin & Instagram! Jess x


21 thoughts on “The Weekend Face

  1. You’re so pretty! Love the lipgloss too – I’m a big fan of the formula from Urban Decay; not too sticky but they last for a long time on the lips! x

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