Smack Deli Is Lip-Smackingly Good

Pardon the pun.

lob smack


You’d be forgiven for assuming that a restaurant such as Smack Deli, serving nothing but this wonderful crustacean is going to do some mild financial damage but it’s surprisingly affordable! Anywhere that has a small menu tends to impress me as it’s likely that the produce and quality is going to be good so when I discovered that Smack Deli serve only lobster rolls, I knew I had to give it a bash.  I had the California lobster roll, filled with lobster, salad, herbs and a lemon mayonnaise encased in toasted brioche, with a side order of courgette fries.

The lobster isn’t the best lobster you’ll ever have but saying that, it was cooked perfectly and as a whole, I really like this place and will be visiting again! The takeaway style service and the accompanying  casual, modern set up is really cool and I already have my eyes set on the seven samurai roll….

Have you been here? Do you like the look of it?

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