The Sunday Catch Up #2

sunday catch up

When I sit down to write these kinds of posts, I never really know how to start them off because essentially, I’m having a conversation with my keyboard which is…weird. I’m currently sat on the bed in my usual ‘lazy blogging day’ attire (denim shirt and nike running shorts) waiting for my chicken katsu curry to cook. As I’m trying

to be a little healthier and avoid the daily chocolate bar, my sweet tooth is being somewhat satisfied by the berry tart candle I picked up from Muji for my friend, Siobhan yesterday…the struggle is real.

I’ve nearly been living in London for 2 months now and the thought of leaving is making me feel dowwwwn. I come from a really small town in Lincolnshire which although a nice place for bringing up a family and whatnot, it’s really not a great place for me to be in my current state and where I am in life because there is no real opportunity there and it’s just a dull and uninspiring to be. ANYWAY. I’ll be doing a post soon all about my internship and am thinking of doing a mini internship series as I know so many fellow bloggers out there are hungry for for internships and work experience within the industry, so hopeful that will be useful and helpful. I’ll be really sad to leave LSMM and hopefully, I’ll be able to return someday because it’s a fantastic school and I love the people I work with.

Finally, I thought I’d quickly just share what makeup I’m wearing today as I’m testing out some new products and have fallen head over heels for some of them! As expected, it’s very natural and minimal but for my base, I (for the first time) tried Giorgio Armani’s face fabric, Maybelline’s color sensational elixir in ‘blush essence’ and my Max Factor creme puff blush in ‘lavish mauve’ which I’m still loving for a subtle hint of colour.

Done anything exciting this week? I always love reading your comments. Jess x

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