A Peach Caprese Salad


Although I’m an avid caprese salad enthusiast in its traditional form, I love throwing fruit in my salads as a refreshing summery addition. If you’re looking for some light summer lunch inspiration with not a hob or oven in sight, this could be just the ticket. Side note – if you don’t

like peaches (then firstly, please get your act together) but secondly, try replacing them with blood oranges, watermelon or grapefruit. They’re all equally delicious! I’ve also used mint instead of basil, which typically accompanies this salad as I’m not a basil lover but again, adapt these ingredients to your personal preferences. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be all peach caprese’d out by the end of this summer.

Ingredients for 2 people – 1 Buffalo mozzarella, 2 peaches (I used doughnut/saturn peaches as I find them to be a lot sweeter and juicer), 2 beef tomatoes, handful of mint, olive oil to dress.

What are you favourite light summer dishes for summer? Jess x


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