The ‘I Pressed the Snooze Button Too Many Times’ Makeup

twit selfie 3

Let’s be real, this is my every day makeup BUT it takes about 3 minutes to slap on, so we’ll just roll with it. I tend to grab cream products when I’m frantically running around, trying to get ready because they’re so easy peasy, don’t require brushes and I’m pretty sure you couldn’t really go that wrong applying them even with your eyes closed. I ‘shopped my stash’ this week and rediscovered Bourjois’ healthy mix serum which I used to absolutely love. It has a barely there kind of coverage which I adore and side note; this is very similar to Chanel’s vitalumiere which is probably down to the gel like formula they both share.

If you follow me on Twitter & Instagram, you’ll probably know that Stila’s convertible colours have made their way on to the ‘cannot be without’ mental makeup list because the formula is so perfect to me which I find to instantly pep up my skin and make it look very peachy and lovely. If you’re like me and feel naked without anything on your lids, cream eyeshadows are faaantastic because the warmth of your fingers whilst applying the shadow to your lid loosens the product, allowing you to blend the shadow out with barely any effort whatsoever. As well as being great for speedy, fuss-free application, No7’s instant radiance highlighter is seriously underrated and while they look nearly identical to Clinique’s sticks, I find the formula to stick around a lot longer and offer more of a champagne iridescence.

I can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t love the Clarins instant light natural lip perfectors simply for the fact that they are so easy, comfortable and friendly for travel/the handbag/on the go/everything. A hybrid between a gloss and a balm, what could be more perfect?

What products do you tend to always go for when you’re in a rush? Jess x


26 thoughts on “The ‘I Pressed the Snooze Button Too Many Times’ Makeup

  1. I so need to pass this on to my daughter who also presses the snooze too many times 🙂 great post x

  2. Gorgeous look! When I’m in the rush, I’ll usually use my Urban Decay concealer, Maybelline On and On Bronze cream shadow, Chanel Accent blush and Nars Barbara lipstick. Xo

      1. It’s my become my all-time favourite lipstick. I’ve used it so much I see a repurchase in the near future. On and On Bronze is just the quickest eye look I always go back to. Xo

      2. I think it’s along the same line as Mac Cherish but I haven’t swatched them side by side. And I definitely prefer the finish of the Nars Audacious lipsticks. X

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