Making The Most Out Of Your Sunday

bath 222

This is my bath back at home but at Uni, I only have a shower. Hard times.

Find a really good podcast, lie in bed with your eyes closed and enjoy – If you haven’t yet delved in to the wonderful world of podcasts, I did a post on my favourite ones here which you may find helpful. For a bit of good, old fashioned escapism, podcasts are great for unwinding after a hectic week!

Use that ridiculously expensive bath oil, just because it’s Sunday – As much as well all love the odd sickly-sweet, sparkly bath bomb from Lush, the aromatherapeutic benefits of a bath oil work like no other. Use all your fancy Nancy products and enjoy them!

Ring someone and have a natter – take the time to call your friend you haven’t spoken to in a while and have a catch up, laugh about embarrassing shizz and get things off your chest.

Cook yourself your favourite meal – life is too short to feel guilty about what you eat. Make yourself a roast dinner with roast potatoes cooked in beef fat and a nice sticky toffee pudding for afterwards. No need to stress or slave over the hob; you’ve got all day to totter about in the kitchen.

Watch a film from your childhood – Because a nice dose of nostalgia never hurt anyone.

Got any suggestions for maximum relaxation? Let me know! Jess x


6 thoughts on “Making The Most Out Of Your Sunday

  1. I swear Channel 5 always has cheesy nostalgic films on a Sunday afternoon haha I love it. I definitely agree on using your fancy bath products as they won’t last forever so why not treat yourself! It’s the perfect time for a good phone call too as you can chat for ages without having to worry about being anywhere 🙂 xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

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